Hi everyone! We are very excited to announce that Safetyape has now been launched and is ready to use. It has taken a lot of effort to get the product to market and our small but dedicated team is over the moon!

We thought we would take this opportunity to introduce our company and explain the motives behind the development of Safetyape.

Why did you call it Safetyape?

We’re all about the serious side of the business but why not have a quirky name to go with it! We’re not monkeying around with our software so let’s release the Ape! Plus we reckon it’s something you’ll remember.

Why do you exist?

Safetyape was built to help people get home safely to their loved ones. That’s our purpose and what our current feature set and roadmap is aimed at doing. Safetyape is designed specifically for small business who we believe have not had access to high quality, feature rich safety software. We aim to make Safetyape affordable and easy to use so that more businesses are able to meet their compliance obligations whilst creating a more productive and safe workplace.

What’s next for the software?

We have launched the free version of Safetyape. This is our starting point- also known as the MVP (minimal viable product) and this basic package is available to all. The current release enables users to input hazards, risks and incidents which is essential in any workplace.

In the next release we plan to focus on “meeting” functionality including recording capabilities, pdf/csv exporting, document registers, staff training reminders- the list goes on. Sounds ambitious, we are excited!

Will it always be free?

We plan to keep hazard assessments, incident reporting and meeting documentation free for everyone. The more advanced optional extras will be available on a monthly staff member plan.

How can we get in touch?

Feel free to drop us a note via info@safetyape.com! We would love feedback and a chat about what you want in safety management software.

The Safetyape Team

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